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Ethics & Operating Procedures for the Radio Amateur

***  THE KNACK  ***

*** History of the Internet ***

*** The Missing Secrets of  Nicolas_Tesla ***

*** The Story of  AC & DC (Edison & Tesla) ***

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SSTV Frequency List


Wikipedia, free encyclopedia


Weather Broadcasts + (USA)


   US Amateur Radio Band (ICOM) 


U.S. Amateur Radio Bands (SMeter)


** (Chicago SKYWARN) **


 ***** Current Solar Data: NOAA data  ***** 


**** ARRL Central Devision NEWS Letter ****


******   HF,VHF,UHF  Band Chart Link   ******


********  ARRL WEB WA9IL INFO Page  ********

  ***** Amateur Radio HAM CALL LOOK-UP   ****


Weather Station History : PLAINFIELD-JOLIET


Weather Station History : BOLINGBROOK


Weather Station History : CHICAGO – Weather LIVE


N9ABF...Weather Station History : Weather Underground


Caton Farm, IL - – Joliet, Illinois - Weather Weather: Local Weather Forecasts & International Weather



Ham Radio LINKS +


-A -

                                                              (AES) Amateur Electronic Supply

                                                              Advanced Communication Systems

                                                              Allied Electronics BANNER-TURCK))

                                                              Allied Product Matrix (KNIGHT KITS)

                                                              Amateur Radio & Electronics Shopping Page

                                                              Amateur Radio News line™ Home Page

                                                              Antenna Vertical Antenna Calculator

                                                              Antenna VHF-UHF  Frequency Chart

                                                              APRS Map

                                                              Area Code Listing, by Number & UTC

                                                              ARRL  News Letter

                                                              ARRL WEB - WA9IL INFO PAGE

                                                              ARRL Web The American Radio Relay League

                                                              ARRL Web: ARRL Audio News

                                                              ARRL Web: Hamfest and Convention Database

                                                              ARRL Web: Site Index

                                                              ARRLWeb: QST Product Review Columns

                                                              ARRLWeb: Special Events


- B -

                                                               Bandwidth Speed Test Results.

                                                               BATTERIES  TWO-WAY RADIO  DISCONT      

                                                               Best Buy

                                                               Bolingbrook Amateur Radio Society Home Page  

                                                               K9BAR.NET  Bolingbrook Amateur Radio Society

                                                               K9BAR.ORG  Bolingbrook Amateur Radio Society



- C -


                                                               Call Sign Lookup Map                                                              

                                                               CARMA Profiles...(Frequencies)

                                                               Chicago Control Center

                                                               Chicago Police frequencies

                                                      - Web Services - Bandwidth Meter

                                                               Connector HELP NullModem.Com

                                                               Connector Reference 

                                                               Control Center Chicago Land Whos On

                                                               Convert Latitude/Longitude to Decimal

                                                               CPU-World: Intel Pentium spec numbers

                                                               CQ SSTV de KB4YZ updated 1/17/2005



- D -


                                                               Dayton Hamvention® - The Greatest Amateur

                                                               DeLorme - Mapping GPS

                                                               Diamond Antenna

                                                               DMR-MARC .net/repeaters.html

                                                               DRIVER NEEDED0-00 (Windows 98)

                                                               DSL- - the place for BROADBAND

                                                               D-Star Information and Link to the  Reflectors

                                                               Du Page County, IL Radio Frequency Reference

                                                               Du Page County, IL Radio Frequency Reference

                                                               DX CALLING FREQUENCIES

                                                               DX Cluster Telnet Addresses

                                                               DX Summit (NEW)



- E -


                                                               Earth Cam - Webcam Network

                                                               EchoLink  Introduction                            

                                                      Home - Amateur Radio Community Site




- F -

                                                                FCC Amateur Licensing Information

                                                                FCC..WTB- Universal Licensing System

                                                                FEMA | Federal Emergency Management Agency

                                                       Samurai Appliance Repair Man

                                                                Frequency List  (Local)

                                                                FRS - GMRS  Frequency Chart

                                                                FRY'S Electronics- (Outpost  electronics)



- G -


                                                               G4HFQ Software - Home page 

                                                       Ham Gear +

                                                               GMRS - FRS Frequency Chart

                                                               Google Earth - Home

                                                               Google Maps Chicago, IL.



- H -


                                                               FREE HDTV RECEPTION - How to receive high definition TV

                                                               Ham Links of Interest

                                                               HAM PROGRAMS

                                                               Ham Radio Deluxe download link

                                                               ham radio directory

                                                               Ham Radio Home Page - QTH.COM by KA9FOX

                                                               Ham Radio Market

                                                               Ham Radio Outlet

                                                               Ham Radio Swap  & Classifieds

                                                               Ham Test Online™ - Try it

                                                      Amateur Radio Products and Services

                                                      - Ham City

                                                      – Ham City 

                                                               Hamradio Amateur Short-wave Satellite Transceivers


                                                               Hamtronics, Inc. VHF & UHF Radio Equipment

                                                               Hard disk drive Help

                                                               Hard disk drive Help


                                                               Howstuffworks "How Water Blasters Work"

                                                               HubbleSite -- Out of the ordinary...out of this world.

                                                               Listen to Police  & Fire on Scanner




- I -


                                                               Icom America - Downloads - Instruction Manuals

                                                               Icom America - Sitemap

                                                               Icom CI-V CAT Interfaces CT17

                                                               ICOM REPAIR, YAESU REPAIR, KENWOOD REPAIR

                                                               Illinois State Police Radio Frequencies

                                                               Introducing Echo Link

                                                               IP Chicken - What is my IP? Find Your IP Address!

                                                               IRA Repeater Directory

                                                               IRLP - Home Page



- J -

                                                              Jetstream (220 Mhz Transceivers)

                                                               K1CRA Radio Store - Your Source for Ham Radio



- K -

                                                          Bolingbrook Amateur Radio Society

                                                               K1CRA Radio Store (JETSTREAM JT220M  50 Watts)

                                                               K9BAR.INFO   Bolingbrook Amateur Radio Society

                                                               K9BAR.NET    Bolingbrook Amateur Radio Society

                                                               K9BAR.ORG    Bolingbrook Amateur Radio Society


                                                               KC1CS Ham Programs

                                                               Kenwood CAT Interfaces

                                                               Kenwood parts for all Kenwood electronics

                                                               Kenwood USA Corporation web site

                                                               Kenwood: Amateur Radio Stuff

                                                               Keplerian Elements

                                                               KITS->  Nostalgic Kits Central \ Knight-Kits,HETHKIT,Eico,PACO,CONAR. EME, etc

                                                     , Website for The Kim Komando



- L -

                                                               LED Assembly Wizard

                                                           LEMONT Emergency Management Agency

                                                      - Listen



- M -

                                                               Ham Radio Modifications Link

                                                               MDM Radio, Ltd. - New and Used Etc.


                                                               Micro Center Online - the center of .computer shopping

                                                               Microphone Connections

                                                               Microsoft Office Downloads Home Page


                                                               Mirage :: Aero Smith - Amateur Radio Products

                                                               Mods, Amateur and CB Radio,  boards, diagrams, manuals etc.

                                                      - Modification for radio Amateure

                                                               Motorola Information Index

                                                               Mscan Meteo (weatherfax) and Mscan SSTV

                                                               My 1974 Corvette  NEW

                                                               My Shack WA9IL


  - N - .

                                                               N2BJ - Ham Radio Site

                                                               N4MC's Vanity HQ

                                                               N9ABF - Ham Radio Site

                                                               NASA - NASA TV

                                                               NASA Photo Gallery

                                                               National Severe Storms Laboratory

                                                               NEWSLINE   (Amateur Radio Audio News)

                                                               NØHR - Ham Radio Resources



  - O -  .


                                                              OMISS-Net...Home Page

                                                              OUT-LAW.COM: IT and e-commerce legal advice and support

                                                      (Frys  electronics)

                                                              Qso Net - Virtual Ionosphere For Amateur Radio




- P -  . 

                                                               Palm Pilot  Software  Downloads

                                                               Parts and Accessories (Over 7 Million) (at Part Store

                                                               People Search - Current & Most Accurate People Search Engine

                                                               Police Scanner : Internet and Radio: Police Scanners

                                                               Police Scanner Live Fire Live

                                                               POP NOTE: Ham Radio Blog 

                                                      - Free Help Setting up Your Router or Firewall 



- Q -  


                                                               QRZ Ham Radio Practice Tests

                                                               QRZ.COM   (Get Call sign)

                                                               Qso Net - Virtual Ionosphere For Amateur Radio

                                                               QST Magazine (ARRL)

                                                               QTH.COM by KA9FOX - Ham Radio Home Page


 - R -   .


                                                               R&L Electronics Search Page

                                                               Radio City, Inc.

                                                      - Traditional Ham Radio

                                                               Radioman 911

                                                               RAIN Report (Amateur Radio Audio News)

                                                               Repeater Builder's Technical Information Page (tm)

                                                               RigPix Database - Main

                                                               Robert's Rules of Order Online

                                                               RS-232 Pin Layout



   - S -  .

                                                               Index to Scanners

                                                               Old Version of Skype Download -

                                                               Satellite Tracking System: Orbitron

                                                               SATERN  Emergency

                                                               Scanner Frequency Guide

                                                               Scanning Links

                                                               Schematics of Radios, Programmers, Etc

                                                               S-COM, LLC -- Repeater Controllers

                                                               SKYPE Download

                                                               SKYWARN National Home Page


                                                               Speakeasy - Speed Test

                                                               Speroni AHOA.ORG

                                                               SSTV LIVE SSTV CAMS:USA

                                                               SSTV PROGRAMS

                                                               SSTV SOFTWARE

                                                               State Police District Quick Finder

                                                               Storm Prediction Center Convective  Watches




- T -

                                                               Tarheel Antennas/online_sales

                                                               Telnet Access to DX Packet Clusters

                                                               Terra Server-USA

                                                               THE HAM STATION HOME PAGE

                                                               The official U.S. time - clock

                                                      Super Buys - Computer Parts

                                                               TIME Set US Government

                                                               Trace Route, Ping, Domain Name Server



- U - .

                                                           ui-view : Support & discussion of G4IDE's UI-View

                                                           Universal Radio short-wave, amateur, scanner, Etc

                                                           UV-5R  $65.00 Dual-Band  HT



- V -

                                                           VI A Amateur Supply - Main Page



   - W - .



                                                               WA9WSL - Indian Hill Amateur Radio Club (IHARC) Lisle, IL

                                                               WADSWORTH SALES HOME PAGE

                                                               WD4NGB   DX  Page

                                                               Weather Cams

                                                               Weather in Select Cities

                                                               Welcome to Map Quest

                                                               WHO IS  LOOKUP

                                                               Will County Sheriff's Office Home Page

                                                               Will County, Illinois (IL) Scanner\ Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference

                                                               Will County-Radio

                                                               Will_County Police Frequencies

                                                               WILLCO ELECTRONICS

                                                               WINMOR--A New HF Transmission Protocol for Winlink 2000 | Winlink 2000

                                                               WM7D dot . Net

                                                               World radio Online!




   - X - .



- Y - .


                                                                Yaesu CAT Interfaces [CT62]

                                                        (Amateur Radio Site)        

                                                                Yahoo! Group :  BolingbrookARS

                                                                Yahoo! Groups : carmachicago : Carma Chicago

                                                                Yahoo! Groups : Illinois Repeater Association

                                                                Yahoo! Groups : IRLP – Internet Radio Linking Project

                                                                Yahoo! Groups : psk31 : Users Of PSK & All Other Digi Modes

                                                                Yahoo! Groups : Radio Modifications : Radio Modifications

                                                                Yahoo! Groups : ui-view : Support & discussion of G4IDE's UI-View




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